Something about Joyce Chen.

Joyce Chen does not own a brand of cookware, nor does she cook – She is a graphic designer who is passionate about typography and conceptual thinking. Sharing the same name as a famous chef Joyce Chen, Joyce K Chen recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in graphic design (of course). After 4 years of professional training in school, Joyce is excellent at using an exacto knife, mounting posters, making comps, book binding, and also making extraordinary packaging mock ups. Other than her exceptional craftsmanship, she also spent a lot of time challenging herself conceptual wise. Joyce spent her senior year in SVA taking Paul Sahre's portfolio class. Now, we must explain a little about Paul's class, otherwise you wouldn't know why Joyce's website is the way it is. Paul's class is different from other "practical" portfolio classes in SVA, it's about exploration and authorship. Let's say, rather than making corporate identity, it's about coming up with a topic then spending 8 months on exploring the topic through the application of graphic design. In her case, the topic is "synergy".

You see, Joyce's senior portfolio does not contain a fancy branding for a museum, or any book jacket; instead, she has books, animation, product design, film, and most importantly–creative ideas. This is a challenge she gives herself: Do something difficult that she has never done before so that each project becomes more innovative than her last. Joyce would love to hear from you if you are interested in her work, and is glad to say that she is good at cooking with other people.